Schicker Mound

This is the Schicker Mound which is located in Tallulah, Louisiana (one of the poorest places in the US.)  It looks like a regular house along a regular street but it’s not.  This house was built in 1926 and contains a cellar which is very unusual for Louisiana.  But it’s not the cellar that makes it so unique, it’s the fact that it is built on a prehistoric mound.

The cellar literally sits down inside the mound with ancient earth surrounding it.  According to information compiled by the archaeologists from ULM, about 6 feet of fill was removed from the mound when the house was built.  That removal exposed both prehistoric and historic burial remains.  I guess in 1926 there were no laws about preserving those burial sites.

The mound is now about 5 feet tall and almost 115 feet square at its base.  The site has been surveyed 4 times but no artifacts were found that would help estimate its age.  Nearby is Brushy Bayou, which feeds into the Mississippi River, so maybe flooding over the centuries has buried those artifacts way below the surface.  Or swept them away.  Or something else entirely.

I stood on the steps at the screened door while asking for permission to photograph there.  The owner and I discussed, of all things, Leicas.  Neither of us has one but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming.  He said he knows a good place in Atlanta where you can get them “for cheap.”

About Jenny Ellerbe

I am a photographer living, and working, in northeastern Louisiana.
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4 Responses to Schicker Mound

  1. Dorene says:

    okay, I have to ask…

    a Leicas is?

  2. Wonderful old German made 35mm cameras. Very expensive. And even if they made terrible photographs (they don’t) they are soooo beautifully designed.

  3. Dorene says:

    Thanks Jenny. I came here from Edd Fuller’s FB page.

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