PPO Road Trip

I have been entrusted with a PPO (Poverty Point Object) for a presentation I have this weekend.  It’s strange to have it at my house instead of seeing it in a museum or storage facility.  My fingers are a bit too large to fit into the grooves so either the person that made it had smaller fingers or it was squashed while the clay was still wet.

PPOs come in different shapes and the one I have is a “crossed groove” one.  These PPOs were heated in fires then placed in earth ovens to cook food.  3500 years ago.  And now one is sitting on my desk, next to my computer, pencils, pens, papers, Carmex, notepad, Indian Mounds Driving Trail Guide, modem, etc.  Time to put it back in its plastic bag inside a soft lens pouch inside a box.  Under lock and key.  Protected by my fierce guard dogs.

Andie patrols below an ancient Poverty Point artifact.

About Jenny Ellerbe

I am a photographer living, and working, in northeastern Louisiana.
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