A Sense of Scale

How large is the largest mound at Poverty Point?  According to the info that I have it is about 70 feet tall and more than 700 by 640 feet at its base.  And that’s after roughly 3500 years of erosion from rain and tornadoes and hurricanes.  And the digging of armadillos.  And fire ants.  And probably at least a bit of manmade tinkering.

But those numbers don’t mean much to me.  It’s only when I see the mound in relation to the people who climb it, that it begins to grow.  And grow.

In this small photograph it is difficult to even see the 2 people on the spine of the mound.  But they are there, tiny dots, barely visible.

Some people believe this mound was built in the shape of a bird, with its head pointing west (to the left in the picture) and the tail to the east, wings spreading north and south, as if it is lifting itself from the plaza and flying into the setting sun.  I happen to be one of those people.

About Jenny Ellerbe

I am a photographer living, and working, in northeastern Louisiana.
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1 Response to A Sense of Scale

  1. Linda Denton says:

    It’s absolutely “avian” in nature…surely anyone can see that?

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